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Taiwan Changhua District Court


History and Jurisdiction


This court was established on October 14, 1968. Its judicial area is Chang Hua Hsien. The court entertains the civil and criminal cases within its jurisdiction. The court is situated at 240, Section 2, Chung San Road, Yuan Lin Chen, Chang Hua Hsien, Taiwan. In order to enforce the promulgated Social Order Maintenance Regulation and entertain the simple civil and criminal cases, starting from 1993 we continually set up Pei Tou Simplified Court (at 91, Section 2, Chien Ping Road, Tien Wei Hsiang), Chang Hua Simplified Court (at 275 Tong Lai Road, Ho Mei Chen) and Yuan Lin Simplified Court (at 36 Chung Cheng Road, Yuan Lin Chen), where we entertain the simple civil and criminal cases as well as the cases on breach of social order regulation in the jurisdiction.

In view of the fast increasing caseloads, the business needs and facilitating the people, we moved the civil enforcement office to the building of Yuan Lin Simplified Court in January 1998. We set up our 2nd office there. In November 2001 we set up a juvenile court and a family court in the 2nd office building. According to the judicature for people, we propagate the concept of "ruling by law", and promote the court business with all-out effort in hope that we can establish a new juridical image, and all the people can trust the judicature.

  • Release Date:2021-05-12
  • Update:2021-05-12